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istanbul pearl called asBosphorus. The Genek blood is the pearl of the world, and the pearl of istanbul is istanbul bosphorus.
3 bosphorus bridges have been made in Istanbul neck necklace can be described as a necklace in Istanbul neck strait. The northern part of Istanbul is the Black Sea
the marmara stretches as far as the sea, starting from the middle of the two continents. istanbul Bosphorus is the sea tower in Sarayburnun as a border. on two continents
It merges into the Cnakkale throat. The buildings outside the Maiden's Tower were more palaces built during the Ottoman Empire period. Beylerbeyi palace as a summer palace.
The upper part of Sarayburnu CAnurtaran and Eminonu coastline is exactly the place that is defined as oldcity. On the left side is a whole with 4 minarets in all its splendor
The opposite is HAgia Sophia, and there is Blue mosque, which was built almost 250 years later. Blue mosque A unique mosque with 6 minaresi.
Without losing time, the Sultanahmet köfteci is the ideal choice for lunch. First, lean lentil soup followed by the Grilled Meatballs menu and then
The semolina sweet, which is unique to the restaurant, was beautiful. There is a German fountain right at the exit. As far as I know about this,
I moved here by train to istanbul. The German emperor presented the Ottoman Sultan as a gift. Sultan Abdulhamit was presented as a friendship gift. Although the first
fruit juice flowed through the fountain for 1 week. Since the day it was built, people who come to istanbul have a chance to drink water from the historical Ottoman fountain. Buddha
It must be a different feeling.

Denizli Pamukkale and leaving it behind us and the beautiful thermal pools located in Turkey's western province of Edirne We have come to the city. Edirne flowing from the edge of the city Meric river,


The Ottoman Empire capital city

No. One of Turkey's Thrace university for universities outside of the city of Edirne many students come to study in the city of Edirne. Therefore
The Edirne annotation is defined as a student city. The Edirne region belongs to the tongue depicting the Rice Tava restaurants. In summer, the surrounding villages and towns
There is a very delicious ice cream made with milk and a cake made of almond paste. Day trips are held from istanbul. People Ottoman
Selimiye mosque, which was built during the empire period, does not return here after eating the Tiger prawn kebab. Of course they do not have such a big Selimiye mosque
the reason why Edirne made , Fatih Sultan mehmet istanbul made all the preparations before the conquest in this city. Always Ottoman
Sultan and his family show respect and love towards Edirne. The stone bridge on the Edirne Meriç River is also the gift of the architect Sinan Edirne to the city. Finally
Architect Sinan Selimiye is my last and masterful work for mosque.

Istanbul cappadocia flights are carried out twice a week, if not frequently. I believe that we went out on the road and traveled by bus very pleasantly and comfortably
bus ride. The reason for this is that there are very different villages along the way and we have traveled around Hasan Mountain and eventually came to the Newsehir bus station. Already called Newsehir old City Daily istabul tours There was a bus station on the ground. We went to the Cave hotel which is right on the road. Having a CAVE hotel here provided an experience that I have been living in my entire life. Cappadocia history
after the detailed information about the formation of the Goreme open air museum. here there are fairy chunks that are very different from each other. Here are the extremely large ones here
Living people have made cave church. The smaller one is also the one with 2 rooms and there is a kitchen which is called tandır in each house. In the tandır section
people are doing all their food needs and bread here. At our disposal there is a cappadocia map, which is marked by special historical sites. In a day
there is absolutely a walk of 7-10 km. Each one in the sky has magnificent cappadocia balonn Mongos, only cappadocia balloon flights needed heat and wind
when it is done. the cappadocia balloon is postponed the next day for the safety of life that is in very stormy weather.

Canakkale used to be a Troy film

The difference between Canakkale and Denizli is that it is very popular in winter, especially because the Denizli winter is especially the thermal pools. Even in summer, the Lakin Cnakkale
stormy and cold. HAtta is a pretty cool breeze descending CANCELY along the beach in the evening. As a center of Cnakkale, during the Ottoman period, one clock
There is a tower. It was enlarged as a circle, centered on the clock tower of Çanakkale. There are even lokantas that do home-made dishes that are typical of the Dardanelles, and tea and
There are coffee halls. Now turkish society is more like Turkish coffee than filtered coffee. Outside of this, the hookah halls are proliferated. A hookah at every corner
There are filter coffee shops.  and America was also used in Hollywood studios. Troy horse sculpture. Canakkale municipal request
In the direction of the American horse and horse used in the film was brought to the statue. Canakkale is located in the center of the central park, which is close to the coast and which the public frequently uses. believe
the horse sculptor used in the festival is much more realistic than the Troy displayed in the open air museum. The horse sculpture made in Troy is 2 floors and 7-8 people easily fit inside. Troy
especially for the restoration by the German state. Sprinter is made by a big German bouquet.

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